‘A Spell in The Forest’

Save The Oaks hosted author Roselle Angwin to launch her wondrous new book ‘A Spell in The Forest’ (pub. Moon Books) on the eve of Thursday 1st July, and the link to the recording is below. My word from the book is ‘intertwinement’ – she weaves together deep mythology of humans living with trees, and how we folk who’ve migrated out of the forests into cities can re-engage with them, and as in the case of this campaign, advocate and care for them, instead of seeing them as a commodity.

Roselle is very kindly offering STO 20% of the sale from each book for the month of July if you buy them directly from her at this link (she’ll sign them too):


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I'm a freelance writer, journalist and filmmaker. This site is devoted to my documentary film: 'Sahmoud - Clinging to the Land'. It has been shot over 7 years amongst the bedouin of the Negev Desert in Israel.

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