Apply to become an Oak Guardian

Sapling English Oaks will be planted into UK soil with spade and love.

Is this right for you?

We have now allocated our second round of Oak rehoming (50,000 oaks), if you do complete an application you may receive trees if other applicants are not able to rehome them. We are still requiring donations to fund these final trees so anything you can spare would be gratefully received.

The trees will be given for free to community groups that want to plant them with an awareness of trees as sentient and with some form of acknowledgement of the dead. Be they humans who have died during Covid 19, or the 95 % of all native ash trees dying or killed by ash dieback, or the trees destroyed for HS2.

The planting would take place at some point between Nov 20 – March 21.

As we only have English oaks ( Quercus Robur) , we’d be choosing planting situations that suit them so it may be areas where sessile oak prevail might not be a successful applicant.

We will be providing physical planting specification and also suggestions for how to maintain the remembrance that the trees are sentient, not objects.

Examples of planting scenarios :

This could be as part of a covid 19 remembrance woodland for those in a town/area lost to covid 19.

  1. “gapping up” of an existing community woods that has been ravaged by ash dieback.
  2. new woodland that encourages the connection with other-than- humans through tending and ongoing care for the young trees.
  3. woodland planted by communities near to woods destroyed by HS2.
  4.  supporting local councils (ie bristol) already committed to tree planting and adding the extra awareness of trees not just being worthy for the job they do for humans, but in their own right.
  5. Schools/ organisations and institutions that want to tend a woodland / glade of trees and educate children on a different way of being in relation with other-than- humans.

We’d like the trees planted on land that is open to others if possible.

“This is a truly wonderful project and I send a blessing for every tree planted!”

” We need this kind of radical green action now. Nothing could be more powerful for us and future generations”

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