A small positive action in the midst of a global crisis.

To save thousands of saplings from destruction and plant them in the UK with love.


The Project

The climate and ecological emergency became even more pressing when in April 2020, The Times newspaper reported that 750,000 Oak saplings we to be burnt. The UK Government had reneged on its promise of a huge national planting scheme. Save The Oaks Campaign was created following unprecedented response from groups and individuals who have pledged to buy and plant these Oaks throughout the UK.

This project honours those who have lost their lives to Covid 19, to the 95% of all native ash trees dying or killed by dieback, and the trees destroyed for HS2.

We plant as an act of love, we rewild.

Planting locations

Plant all over the UK with love.

The above map shows current locations of tree requests for the next planting season. The team at Save The Oaks will be checking the suitability of the location and planting ethos before granting the request. Want to receive Oaks? Pledge to plant and apply now.

About Us

Our Beliefs

Extinction Rebellion Rewilding (XRR)

XRR is a rewilding wing of Extinction Rebellion, with over 10K members. Our aims are to rewild and regenerate.

To plant trees. Create forest gardens. Rewilded landscapes. Encourage community permaculture and sharing. Reforest moors. Flourish wild inner landscapes.

We actively seek to reach out & collaborate with individuals and environment-focussed groups who share similar aims.

We share our visions. You can find us on Facebook.

James Murray-White, Bell Selkie and Natasha Somers, on behalf of Extinction Rebellion Rewilding

How You Can Help

Send Donation

By sending a donation however small, you will be helping us to save more saplings and ensure their safe passage to their new home.

Pledge to Plant

Whether it is 10 or 1000, you can make an application to receive saplings to plant and care for.

Spread the Word

A great way to help this project is to help us reach as many people as possible. If you can, please share to your networks.

What People Say

An inspiring project to create a forest around the country!

Love that this is happening. We need oaks and more oaks, in every corner of our land.

Our Valued Supporters

Independent growers and activists – Mark Shipperlee, Rebekah West, Rob Newby.

Frome Future Forest Project – Ben Gray

Cambridgeshire Tree Planting Community – Duncan Starr-Bolt

Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network (RAIN) & Wildeye Adventures – Yara Ghrewati

Lola Perrin, activist & composer

Ancient & Sacred Trees Network – Amanda Claire Vesty

Treespect – Rob McBride,

The People’s Land – Natasha Somers

& various XR and environment-focussed community groups & NGO’s around the UK.