‘A Spell In The Forest’

Now the planting is all done for the season – and in between checking on the oaks and other trees that they are getting water in between these climate fluctuations of hot & dry & wet & cold – we at Save The Oaks are planning some more engagement events to strengthen our bonds of community, knowledge, sharing, love for the planet. Like the launch event for James Canton’s ‘The Oak Papers’ that kick-started this campaign off over a year ago, coming up on thursday 1st July at 7pm we are delighted to be hosting Cornish poet, author, workshop facilitator, Celtic mythopsychologist and hedge druid Roselle Angwin, to launch her new book (the first in a trilogy) ‘A Spell in the Forest’. ‘A Spell’ delves deep into the place trees occupy not only in our human lives, but deep with our psyche – this book is a love song to trees, forests and the wildwood, part poetic guidebook to the botany, ecology, cultural history, properties, mythology, folklore and symbolism of trees – and part a deeper exploration of of 13 native sacred British tree species in relation to the powerful Celtic Ogham alphabet calendar………….

Roselle’s extraordinary new book is a plea that we re-vision our relationship to the other-than-human. My review of ‘A Spell in the Forest’ will shortly appear in Permaculture Magazine (PM). Do join us for a deep delve with Roselle in conversation, reading from the book, and answering your questions. Tickets free (please donate to STO if you are able), via the eventbrite link below. Roselle is kindly donating 10% of sales of the book on the evening to our ongoing campaign! See you on the 1st July!

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I'm a freelance writer, journalist and filmmaker. This site is devoted to my documentary film: 'Sahmoud - Clinging to the Land'. It has been shot over 7 years amongst the bedouin of the Negev Desert in Israel.

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