Update: the final 50,000

We are absolutely thrilled to share that as of today, we are into the second & final tranche of oak saplings being rescued: they are as we speak being delivered to collection points across the UK – Calstock, on the Devon/Cornwall border, and to Freshford, outside Bath. Then, later this week and into next: to Marlow, Carmarthen, Hexham, Harrogate, Hailsham, Egham, Corby, Cambridge, Dartford, Hereford, Worcester, Exmoor, Ellesmere Port, Dumfries ……. all these collection points and more sub-collection points! If you’ve been successful, we will have already been in touch, and the oaky soul at your nearest hub will coordinate you collecting your trees: an email will be winging it’s way with our planting/care/ceremony guide, an invite to our special oak guardians facebook page, and everything you need to know to receive.

It’s been a slow, meticulous passage here: a dedicated core group are steering this campaign with the absolute focus of due reverence upon these living trees – they are not commodities, caught up in an absurd human-Industrial machine – together we will plant them and be part of their solid continuing growth within this biosphere:

this campaign is a deep and radical act of love for our shared planet. For the oaks!

Image: “The Lonely Oak above Talgarth” – Black Mountains, Wales (close to where the oaks were raised) photographer Mark Zytynski : https://markzytynski.photography

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