Update, March 14th 2021

We’re going ahead with our original aim of rescuing as many oaks as we can, and have been negotiating with the Nursery to get the final 50,000. We have been distracted by other trees, and finding land, and admin, as well as busy lockdown lives, but the good news is that this week the final pieces will be in play, and we’ll start to receive the oaks at our distribution & collection points (new ones being added to the list, so look out for them – and if you’d like to be one please shout!), and will be emailing all who’ve requested some 34,000 saplings with details. And we’re organising the heeling in of the remaining trees for next season. The end of this season is nearly upon us, so there’s a speed and urgency, but with grace and resilience, we are achieving the aims of this campaign, and dreaming further ahead too, and we’d love you to be part of that. Finally, we are still short of the full funds, and have been reaching out to a range of potential funders and partners. If you can help, please shout, and keep sharing our Just Giving campaign to bring in donations.

Finally, some March morning inspiration, on the theme of being close – close to our aims within this campaign, close to getting stuck into the next phase of planting, close to the end of this planting season, close to the end of this lockdown in the UK and close to what the next phase of seasons may bring, here’s another stimulating article from the most excellent Brain Pickings, with a short film inspired by writings on ‘getting close in’ by one of my favourite poet/philosophers, David Whyte:

One thought on “Update, March 14th 2021

  1. I plant approx. 100 native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, each year.
    It’s difficult to find safe places to plant them, and care for them, as they need protection, and watering especially in their first few years.
    However, I could manage an additional 20-30 trees.


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