James Canton – The Oak Papers

Get comfy and treat yourself with this wonderful talk between James Canton and James Murray-White. In addition to sharing his great knowledge of oaks & tree culture, as well as our human history entwined with this tree, James Canton talked on rewilding, wild writing, prehistoric journeys and more! And the attendees donated over £150 whichContinue reading “James Canton – The Oak Papers”

How Oak Trees Evolved to Rule the Forests of the Northern Hemisphere

Oak trees are highly diverse and widespread, and they are keystone species in the forests they inhabit. Advances in genomics have allowed researchers to reconstruct the evolutionary history of oaks. The findings will have implications for managing oaks to ensure their survival as the planet warms. If you were dropped into virtually any region of North AmericaContinue reading “How Oak Trees Evolved to Rule the Forests of the Northern Hemisphere”