James Canton – The Oak Papers

Get comfy and treat yourself with this wonderful talk between James Canton and James Murray-White. In addition to sharing his great knowledge of oaks & tree culture, as well as our human history entwined with this tree, James Canton talked on rewilding, wild writing, prehistoric journeys and more! And the attendees donated over £150 whichContinue reading “James Canton – The Oak Papers”

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

An article today in The Ecologist about the campaign. ” Save the Oaks campaign has united communities with coppicing experts woodland ecologists to rescue tens of thousands of oak saplings from destruction. It could have been easy to assume that we would retreat into ourselves as our worlds grew smaller and freedom to travel wasContinue reading “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”

Unravelling my journey through this inner wild, by James Murray-White

A beautiful piece about one man’s journey, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion Rewilding and savetheoaks.org and much more James Murray-White. “In his talk for us within the Online into The Wild Beltane Festival earlier this month Mac spoke of the need for activists (and aren’t we all activists now?) to “walk the twin track of inner and outerContinue reading “Unravelling my journey through this inner wild, by James Murray-White”

Apply to become an Oak guardian and receive free English Oak saplings

The next phase of our campaign is to offer individuals and groups all over the UK the opportunity to plant and care for these wondrous Oaks. They would be planted ideally with the help of the community and in honour of humans who have died during Covid 19, or the 95 % of all nativeContinue reading “Apply to become an Oak guardian and receive free English Oak saplings”

How Oak Trees Evolved to Rule the Forests of the Northern Hemisphere

Oak trees are highly diverse and widespread, and they are keystone species in the forests they inhabit. Advances in genomics have allowed researchers to reconstruct the evolutionary history of oaks. The findings will have implications for managing oaks to ensure their survival as the planet warms. If you were dropped into virtually any region of North AmericaContinue reading “How Oak Trees Evolved to Rule the Forests of the Northern Hemisphere”

Teucer Wilson offers campaign images of his breathtaking Oak carvings.

Teucer Wilson is one of the country’s leading lettercutters and stone carvers. He produces a variety of work including sculptures for private settings and public art projects, garden pieces, signage and memorial work. He enjoys making anything from three dimensional abstract sculptures to more functional work such as birdbaths, sundials, seating, house name plaques and headstones. He generally works to commission, mainly inContinue reading “Teucer Wilson offers campaign images of his breathtaking Oak carvings.”

4th August – XRR discussion on oaks & wild writing & James Canton

James Canton, writer of ‘The Oak Papers’, joins Extinction Rebellion Rewilding (XRR) online to talk on oaks, wild writing, rewilding & more About this Event Author James Canton joins XRR to talk about his new book, ‘The Oak Papers’, to read & talk on oaks, wild writing, rewilding, and more in a unique event inContinue reading “4th August – XRR discussion on oaks & wild writing & James Canton”

Delving into some politics behind this campaign

Here’s a great programme from Radio 4 on reforestation: delving into some of the politics behind the reason we started this campaign, speaking to one of the Nursery owners who explains why they may end up destroying saplings, and looks at the bigger picture of trees within the carbon cycle, and into the tree-planting vsContinue reading “Delving into some politics behind this campaign”